COVID-19 Update: We are still serving customers!

We want to assure everyone that Roofsimple is still open to help you with any roofing needs! We want to make sure that you and your roofing needs are taken care of in a Safe and Respectful manner during the recent COVID-19 crisis.

Roofsimple has always been committed to making the roofing process Easy for our customers, every step of the way. Allow us to show you how Simple our process can be!

With roofing work being an outdoor service we can easily assist you without putting you at risk with 5 easy steps:

1. Call, email or Book an Appointment Below on our easy to use online calendar portal.

2. One of our representatives can come to the property, make you a Free roof assessment and can share the assessment with you via e-mail and over the phone, if you wish to minimize proximity.

3. We are able to send you a proposal and go over your options via a virtual platform

4. Once your roof is in our schedule, the crew will come by and complete the job without having to meet with any customers and any questions can be conducted over the phone.

5. We will send you an invoice through email and you can pay us online or send a check.

By following these 5 steps we can make sure everyone stays healthy and no unnecessary exposure takes place. Our staff and crew have been given careful instructions to clean all of their equipment after jobs and not to shake hands with clients or show up to work if they are in any way ill.